Kare Inc.

cleaning products we always need......vinegar, blue dawn dish soap, tide pods laundry detergent, paper towels, stainless steel scourers, green scrubbers, size large vinyl gloves, towels and wash clothes. 

other items we always need.......monetary donations, gift cards (walmart, tsc, lowes, home depot, any of the prepaid credit cards, aldis and runnings) purina indoor cat only cat food, new brooms and dust pans, dog kennels,

Now that spring is here and it is time to clean up the yard from winter..... If you find that your kids have outgrown their playhouses, climbers, slides, and or kids plastic picnic tables, we could sure use them here for the monkeys.

We go though a lot of stuffed animals. For safety reasons they can not have plastic eyes or bean stuffing.  children's toys that light up and or play music, climbers and playhouses are all favorites for the monkeys.